Featured Artist - March 2014  Gwyned Trefethen

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Gwyned Trefethen started as a quilter in 1988 and soon morphed into a fiber artist. She is best known for her value series where value is shifted across the quilt canvas in two opposing directions.

Trefethen’s fascination with value results in her using value changes to create subtlety, sharp edges, shadow, dappled light and luminosity. Value is the first consideration when Trefethen starts her artwork. Through careful selection of fabric and thread she is able to bring emphasis to areas of an artwork while allowing other areas to recede.

Value is as integral to Trefethen’s work as mastering the technical aspects of sewing. She finds that understanding the unique challenges fabric brings to value is an ongoing learning process. Trefethen favors commercial fabrics, which may include multi values of the same hue or many hues. These can be challenging, like being a pointillist laying down many colored dots to achieve a single color.
Observation and experimentation have been the focus of Trefethen’s education. She continues to study art and the world around her to learn what makes an image “sing”.




Hope Springs Eternal – 30” H x 18” WEntwined – 64” H x 48” WBalancing Act – 30”H x 42”W