Featured Artist - January 2014  Jennifer Solon

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I am a mixed-media collage artist who creates abstract compositions from hand-dyed textiles, papers, paints, and encaustic wax. Using a variety of surface design techniques and mediums, I transform plain white cloth into multi-layered stitched constructions that often incorporate nature motifs and digital imagery. This process is highly improvisational, guided by intuition, a sense of play, and the joy of experimentation.

In my pieces, I seek to portray my appreciation of nature and landscapes and often include organic forms such as seed pods and river rocks. Originally working primarily in fabric, I have transitioned to a more mixed media approach, incorporating paints, pigments and waxes into the layers of my pieces. All are necessary components in my creative journey but textiles - and the tactile texture they impart - still play an essential role.

My initial textile foundation serves as a road map to my destination. I am guided by the process and the subtle textures and shapes that speak out to me. The many layers of encaustic wax and pigments create a residual history of where I have been. Oftentimes I veer off course, ending up someplace completely unexpected. And that is the best part of the journey.



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