Sightlines  View the Quilts

Invitational Curator: Virginia Spiegel with advice from Jenny Bowker; Managing Curator: Clairan Ferrono 

Fourteen artists were invited to create an installation of artworks featuring a sightline linking all the artwork in the exhibit.  Each artist chose her own themes and created five to eight artworks, including four 8x8" linking pieces, covering a ten foot wide space. Perhaps the required continuous line provided provocation, both conscious and unconscious, to the artists to focus on time, personal history, and memory.

SAQA thanks the Australian contemporary quiltmaking group, tACTile, who originated the concept of the sightline in their "eyeline" exhibition.


A Dry Land - Sue Dennis


A Dry Land



Disrupted - Kathy Nida





Immer Nie Genug (Ever Never Enough) - Britta Ankenbauer

Immer Nie Genug (Ever Never Enough)



Indifferent Land - Wendy Lugg

Indifferent Land



Landthreads: Sightlines -  Pat Owoc

Landthreads: Sightlines



No Place at the Table - Annie Helmericks-Louder

No Place at the Table



Seeing Around Corners - Shelley Brenner Baird

Seeing Around Corners



Tension - Fulvia Luciano




Thoughts - Jayne Willoughby Scott




Traveling Companions on Life's Journey - Leni Levenson Wiener

Traveling Companions on Life's Journey



We Keep in Touch -  Mirjam Pet-Jacobs

We Keep in Touch



Wildfire -  Regina V . Benson



Windows -  Yael David-Cohen




With Abandon - Linda Colsh

With Abandon