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Dusk to Dawndusk to dawn

When the sun dips below the horizon, the world changes: the trees are lit by the silvery light of the moon, and warm lamps glow in a child's room as they listen to a bedtime story. Owls and bats take to the sky for their evening meals, while other animals curl up safely in their dens.

Dusk to Dawn offers a glimpse of the mysterious world that emerges when darkness arrives. Visitors of all ages will be delighted and intrigued by this collection of nightscapes, animal portraits, and other artistic observations.  

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Forced to FleeFORCED TO FLEE

Throughout history people have been forced to flee from their homes for their own safety and survival due to war, oppression, natural disasters, and atrocious human rights violations.

Forced to Flee explores the issues surrounding the global refugee crises and the need for new initiatives.  

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Guns: Loaded ConversationsGUNS: LOADED CONVERSATIONS

Today we find ourselves living in a society in which gun violence feels commonplace. Yet an enormous divide exists between people who cherish their heritage of gun ownership and others who are concerned about the rising tide of gun violence.

Guns: Loaded Conversations seeks to engage viewers of differing opinions to listen to each other and to encourage community initiatives that may inspire action in seeking solutions.  

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Water - it's everywhere! The majority of the earth's surface is covered by water. More than half of the human body consists of water. Every living thing depends on water to survive, and life hangs in the balance when this precious resource is squandered.

Offering a variety of artistic interpretations, H2Oh! draws on a well of beauty, reverence, and contemplation as it invites viewers to consider the importance and the impact of water, one of the most vital, desired, powerful, sacred, and enjoyed resources on earth.

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Layered & Stitched layered & STITCHED

A showcase of 50 art quilts by renowned master artists, these seminal works show the evolution of the art quilt from the earliest pioneers creating during the 1960s through to today's artists experimenting with new forms, new materials, and new digital technologies. 

Viewers are able to trace the development of this exciting art form as it developed from isolated makers, primarily in Ohio and California, into an international movement involving thousands of artists spanning the globe.


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Layered Voices layered voices

Found all around us, layers become apparent when we plumb the earth's surface, dress for the weather, or count rings in the stump of a tree. Layers can be found in language when we ponder the hidden meanings in novels, poems, and conversations. Layers are often revealed through the cycles of creation and destruction that bring change.

Layers are also inherent in the definition of a quilt (two or more layers, held together by stitch). Layered Voices explores the different ways layers can be incorporated into artwork, both metaphorically and literally.

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masterworks: abstract & geometricAbstract & Geometric

This engaging exhibition - featuring artwork from the book Art Quilts International: Abstract & Geometric - illustrates the diversity of art quilting today. These compelling pieces represent a range of styles across the abstract art spectrum. Participating artists come from Australia, Canada, Europe, Japan, and across the US.

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Metamorphosis generates transformative change in shape, nature, or structure. Animals physically develop and change from birth to maturity. Concepts and ideas morph and change over time. Even the earth’s landscape progresses through many geological and ecological stages.

The pieces in this exhibition demonstrate the inevitability of change—physical, philosophical or personal — and the results of such transformations, no matter how subtle.


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Season after Seasonseason after season

Our lives are measured in seasons. Not just the familiar quarterly divisions of a year: spring, summer, fall and winter, but with each new day we move among a variety of seasons. Some seasons have no set time of arrival; others are regular as the ticking of a clock. Some seasons we await with excitement or anticipation; others we fear or wish to slow their inevitable arrival.

This exhibition offers creative explorations about these passages through time, from the seasonal changes in the world around us to the personal transitions that are part of life’s journey.


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Textile Posters textile posters

Posters are meant to convey a message in the blink of an eye, be it to inform, educate, or persuade. Some posters grab the viewer's attention immediately. Other posters are more subtle in their approach. What all have in common is an emblematic economy of text and imagery, a design aesthetic that also characterizes these textile artworks.

Textile Posters brings together the familiarity of quilts with the equally familiar vernacular of posters to create a visually exciting, informative, and emotional experience.

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Exhibition Detailstranquility

Tranquility is a state of being, possessing the concept of quiet, peacefulness, calmness, or serenity. As a mental and physical concept, tranquility is the primary focus of certain religious sects, whereby tranquility of the body, thoughts, and consciousness are believed to lead to the path of personal enlightenment.

The works included in this exhibition set a serene mood for the viewer, representing tranquility through color, line, and composition. The companion exhibition, Turmoil, is also available. 

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Turmoil is defined as a state of great disturbance, confusion, or uncertainty. It can be an emotional, stressful, or confusing experience. It can be personal or experienced on a global scale as in war or ecosystems imbalanced by careless use.

This exhibition reflects the experiences and interpretation of the artists who were asked to explore the meaning of turmoil in their own lives. The companion exhibition, Tranquility, is also available.

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Future Exhibitions

3D Expression
Appreciate how textile art can expand both into the third dimension and into the future. Availability:  June 2020 - December 2022

Connecting Our Natural Worlds
Be inspired by the wonder of the natural world while learning how to become better stewards of the environment. Availability:  February 2020 - December 2022
Enjoy this celebration of music and musicians - with a visual twist! Availability:  August 2020 - December 2023


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