Featured Artist - November 2013  Judy Hooworth

JUDY HOOWORTH - Morisset, NSW, Australia
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My quilts are about place, in particular Dora Creek which flows near my home. Walking along the creek is part of my daily routine, integral to my life and artistic practice. I document each walk with photographs and drawings. I’m interested in patterns.... light on water, trees and branches, grasses and leaves; and the changing colours and moods created by variations in the weather day by day. It’s an iconic little part of Australia; there are eagles and ospreys, cormorants and darters and the occasional black swan and pelican….and all the other familiar species like magpies and rosellas, kookaburras and cockatoos among many others. I’ve seen echidnas and water dragons and kangaroos. It’s a special place…. my place…. a small part of the greater Australian landscape.



Black Water 13 - Judy HooworthBlack Water 12 - Judy HooworthBlack Water 6 - Judy Hooworth