Color Wheel of Emotions  Juror's and Curator's Statements


Color Wheel of Emotions” enticed 164 artists to submit 266 pieces of their work for possible inclusion in this exhibition.  Because of its venue’s size requirements, I was asked to select 18 pieces… only 18 pieces from this wonderful assortment of glorious work!  After doing the math, I found I could squeeze in one more piece.  I spent several 12-hour days looking at the beauty of each of the pieces, but like angry bulldogs, these 19 works jumped out every time I looked at them, grabbed me by the ankle, and just wouldn’t let go of me! 
Each of these 19 pieces show such strong understanding of composition that they actually forced my eyes to linger longer on them than on other submissions.  It was fun to see each artist play with repetition, variation, transition, and continuity.  These artists are masters of it!

The theme of using color to show a wide range of human emotions ran the full gamut in these winning pieces.  From warm love, to Nature’s healing, to the magic of “happy accidents,” to the misty past, and even to staccato, explosive bursts of remembering, here they are:  the wide range of our feelings.  I bet you’ll see your very own experiences in these works of art.
Terry Waldron


"Color Wheel of Emotions" was conceived to evoke a mood, feeling or sense of emotion through the use of color. As a surface design artist, I have a deep sense of wonder and excitement when exploring color. Cultures across the world universally associate colors with emotions. Anthropologists and businesses alike study and hypothesize about the role colors play within a community and how to anticipate a reaction. I could hardly wait to see how other artists would interpret this concept and the magnificent designs they would create. 

We received over 250 design submissions from around the globe for the "Color Wheel of Emotions "exhibit. The artwork exceeded my wildest expectations with many exceptional and distinctive designs. Juror, Terry Waldron, had the challenging task of paring down the entries to the final nineteen you see in this exhibition. She worked tirelessly to create a cohesive and exceptional viewing experience.

"Color Wheel of Emotions" is the result of the combined talents of Studio Art Quilt Associates members. It takes many hours of volunteers working behind the scenes to bring an exhibition from concept to completion, and a special thank you to all.

Please enjoy the exhibition, and I hope you experience many emotions as you view the artwork.

Carol R. Eaton