Featured Artist - May 2013  Sue Reno

Columbia, PA 


I am a fiber artist who lives and works in beautiful Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, USA.  My work is heavily influenced by my proximity to preserved woodlands, the Susquehanna River, bucolic family farms, and historic Lancaster City.  I am also inspired by my travels, including a trip to India to gather textiles and revisit scenes from my student days.

I am interested in capturing fleeting moments in time and space, as evidenced by a decaying leaf, a blooming flower from my garden, or a small mammal skull found on a hiking trail.   My interest in using textiles to portray the natural world has expanded to working with architectural elements and documenting the adaptive re-use of historic buildings.


I work with fabric and thread and the quiltmaking format because I enjoy taking the traditional craft and avenue of artistic expression I learned as a child and reformatting it for the current milieu.  I use surface design techniques including cyanotypes, heliographic prints, and image transfers as the basis for works that also incorporate unusual and hand painted fabrics, hand and machine stitching, and beadwork.




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Ginger Silk Mill #1 Skunk and Garlic Mustard
2012, 60"h x 60"w
Silk Mill #1
2012, 42"h x 44"w
Skunk and Garlic Mustard
2012, 50"h x 52"w