Featured Artist - April 2013  BJ Parady

Batavia, Illinois


My art reflects the microcosm in which I live—where the tall grass prairie used to be. I am inspired daily by the big skies, the reflection of light on water, the remaining remnants of native plants, the minor changes in elevation. Because I have come to embrace the idea capturing the essence of a moment rather than a literal depiction of a scene that could just as easily be photographed,most of my pieces are abstract. Having lived all my life in the Midwest, my palette reflects the colors of the prairie and the four seasons. My newest work refers to the abandoned factories that now dot the landscape here.


Most of my fiber pieces involve beginning with white or black fabric—silk, cotton, linen—which I then dye or paint or discharge to get the colors I want. Various layering and stitching methods--by hand and by machine--are then used. Many are quilted to give added texture. I do this because along with color, the most important part of my work to me is the juxtaposition and manipulation of various textures—something I can only do in fiber.        


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Goldenrod Galls Once We Built Windmills (1) Once We Built Windmills (2)
Goldenrod Galls Once We Built Windmills (1) Once We Built Windmills (2)