Featured Artist - February 2013  Elizabeth Fram

Waterbury Center, Vermont

I have been making art and sewing, albeit separately, since I was very young.

I received a BA in Art, and afterward worked as a graphic designer and free-lance illustrator. My previous work concentrated mainly on pastels and watercolor, yet when my children were small I began to make art quilts, appreciating the fact that the materials were non-toxic and it was a medium that meshed well with family life.

My work centers on specific moments or emotions that catch my attention. I tend to focus on the interplay between the organization of shapes in space and the surface as a textural entity. My pieces evolve intuitively, beginning with the application or removal of pigment using dye, paint, discharge and resist techniques. I then cut forms and build compositions. I stitch intensively, mostly by hand, creating fields of texture and passages of detail.

I have been a member of SAQA for over 10 years and will always be tremendously grateful for the boost it has given me in learning the nuts and bolts of presenting myself as a professional artist (something that wasn’t taught in school), as well as the generous sharing of information among its membership.


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Koi Pond by Elizabeth Fram Stack, Elizabeth Fram Transcendent Eclosion by Elizabeth Fram
Koi Pond
15" x 6",  ©2011
9" x 9.5",  ©2011
Transcendent Eclosion
25" x 19" ©2012