Featured Artist - January 2013  Barbara J. West

Canmore, Alberta 

I have been making fibre art pieces during this middle stage of my life, finally finding my artistic passion.  I love coordinating colours, and feeling the texture of fabrics.

Although I was born in London, Ontario, I have lived in Alberta on and off for 30 years and consider it my home province.   I am attracted to the Alberta landscape, the abstraction of objects to the textile medium and really enjoy the process of working with my hands. I seek variety in my work use whatever technique best represents what I want to portray .

In the past, I have tried through my art pieces to make visible what is not normally seen and to make what is visible meaningful. I am committed to the idea that fibre and textile work has an appeal as art and is transcending the art/craft barrier. 


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 Reflections of the Harvest Friends in High Places 

Reflections of the Harvest
59"w x 31"h 2001

Friends in High Places
36.5" x  54.5 " 2006

 Modern Times

Modern Times
55"w x 18"h 2004