Featured Artist - December 2012  Jill Ault

Jill Ault
Ann Arbor, MI USA

More than a decade ago, I attended a workshop lead by Chunghie Lee, who taught the piecing technique used to make pojagi, wrapping cloths that Korean women used to carry and store objects.  The technique clearly appealed to me, since I have used it for much of my work ever since. 

I do work for the wall and call it “transparent quilts”  -- quilt, because I use “quilterly” piecing and layering techniques, and transparent because I work with silk organza.  The transparency allows the viewer to see the front and back of the quilt structure at the same time.  Each side affects and complicates the pattern and color of the quilt, when the shapes divide and the colors combine.

One consistent theme in my work is the geometry encouraged by piecing methodology.  Straight seams are almost required by my use of French seams.  Curved seams are much more complex. The geometric circles seen in my work are cut from a third layer of fabric, caught between the front and back and held in place by an embroidered running stitch.

A second theme is water.  I grew up on Lake Huron and love the patterns of waves and the shifting blues, greens, and greys of the water.  My fabric is dyed and often patterned using shibori resists and silkscreen printing.  My screens with wave patterns are well used.

Exploring these techniques have been very satisfying.  I’ve been looking for a different way to apply color to the organza.  I’m going dig out my old paintbrushes and brush on color next.


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 32 Circles with Some Squares Koi Turning  Grassy Lake 

32 Circles with Some Squares
23 x 30 inches

Koi Turning
32 x 32 inches

Grassy Lake
 12 x 12 inches