Featured Artist - November 2012  Pamela Price Klebaum

Pamela Price KlebaumVentura, California USA

After a transcendent workshop with Dorothy Caldwell, I fell in love with the element of line. I am captivated by both its elegance and its power.

In textiles, we can express that elegance and power in the line of a shape, the stitched bas relief created with a line of thread, and the ever so subtle line of the minute shadow cast by either stitch or small undulation of cloth.  I explore all these effects in my work.

As well, I am interested in exploring a dialogue about line between my textile and art glass works. Digital images of glass transform the volume of the glass into a flat plane, but volume is then re-introduced by the stitching. This stitching, as mentioned, creates tiny peaks and valleys as the thread depresses cloth. The curved lines of the glass, now straight, have a new elegance and power in another form.


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 Dialogue Reflection  Disney Hall: Color and Curves 

22”H x 24”W,2012

36”H x 14”W, 2010

Disney Hall: Color and Curves
24”H x 32”W, 2012