Featured Artist - November 2012  Patty Hawkins

Patty HawkinsEstes Park, Co

“The more time we spend in a place, the more we share experience with it, the more it means to us."

  - Power of Place, Jennifer Cross

My husband and I share 40 years of Colorado’s mountain tranquility and love of aspen, which trains our artistic eye, and encourages our fitness. Trees elicit a feeling of stability, solace, rootedness, longevity.

I espouse the Wabi Sabi thinking, which finds beauty in imperfection. I create my collages of ideas; light and shadows of the day and seasons of the aspen; using my shibori dyed and abstract screen printed fabrics.

I savor Nature’s tranquility, interpreting pattern repetition, especially depth in rows of aspen, and mountain contours. The patterning of skeletal tree structure gives me a design focus. My hope is to open a viewer’s eye to see Nature’s beauty, and encourage responsible use and protection of our natural environment. Studio building and helpful invited critiques are awesome support by husband, Wes, whose eye is so objective.

I grew up in Louisiana in the 50’s, my Mother’s sewing greatly influencing me, as well as my Father’s Colorado School of Mines background and love of mountains. I spent 15 years working with watercolor, which taught me color and composition. 1986 Denver Art Museum exhibited Nancy Crow and Michael James quilts, pivotal to realize quilting as a larger “canvas” to play with color and fabric. 2007 Quilt Japan Prize gifted my teaching in Japan. Teaching is my joy to share my creativity with others.


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 Red Torri Gates Icy River  Apparitions of Spring 

Red Torri Gates
44”H x 46”W,2011

Icy River
33”H x 19”W, 2010

Apparitions of Spring
44”H x 72”W, 2012