Featured Artist - October 2012  Pamela Druhen

Pamela DruhenNorthfield, VT

Fabric and thread are the mediums I choose to express the world I live in. My work takes the viewer into the landscape wherever I happen to be. I am known particularly for winter landscapes, but my work takes you through the seasons, into the garden, along the riverbank and beyond Vermont. 

The techniques I commonly use include machine piecing, dye-painted whole cloth, machine quilting and thread painting.  I have been working in landscape since 1998.  My pieces are all original, one of a kind, signed and dated.  I compete internationally, teach, lecture and occasionally curate exhibits.


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 Taking In the View Passion  Vas-Y 

Taking In the View
23”H x 26.5”W,2011

35”H x 28”W, 2011

19.75”H x 23.30”W, 2011