Featured Artist - October 2012  Cathy Shanahan

Cathy ShanahanSanta Rosa, CA

I live in the circles and cycles of the creative process.  It begins with the ups of inspiration and imagining, followed by the joys of problem solving and watching the piece develop.  Finally comes the construction, the dye, the feel of the fabric and threads, all the tactile properties of this medium.  Here the process can become almost a chore, but the piece will sing to me, push me forward.  At this point the inspirations and imaginings begin anew, bubbling and percolating in my mind.  On to the next cycle. 

I want my pieces to grab the viewer, I want the piece to draw a person from the far side of the room right up until their nose almost touches the art.  And then I want to reward them with a surprise.  I hope they smile.


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 Ring of Fire Golden Pear  Trees Ablaze 

Ring of Fire
29"W x 33"L, 2012

Golden Pear
40.5"W x 39"L, 2011

Trees Ablaze
33.5"W x 34.5"L
(tryptich), 2012