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Featured Artist - September 2012  Anni Hunt

Anni HuntVancouver, BC, Canada,

I have always had a very good "eye" for subtle changes in colour. I think my 30+ years in "grayscale" imaging in medicine has definitely honed those skills to a finer degree than most. So it's wonderful to be able to apply that in stitch with the use of fibre and threads to create a rich and colourful texture reflecting nature in my work.

I tend to use my surroundings from the West Coast and nature to influence and inspire me. However, lately I have been drawn to using more and more text in my designs.

My design sense has definitely been influenced by sleek, elegant Japanese lines and the Art Deco clothing styles of Erte to which I apply to my wearable art creations.


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 Cave Painting Eastern Scroll  Found Manuscript  

Cave Painting
2010, 17"x17"

Eastern Scroll
2010, 13"x52"

Found Manuscript
2010, 17"x40"


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