Featured Artist - August 2012  Sherry Davis Kleinman

Sherry Davis KleinmanPacific Palisades, California

Art has been a major force throughout my lifetime.  Throughout my childhood and my married/child raising years, I have explored many mediums from crafts to fine art, always moving on to something new.  When my youngest daughter left for college (in my search for something just for me), I discovered the world of art quilts.  The combination of my fine art background of painting and drawing with my love of fabric and stitching created a fire inside me that continues to grow with each new project.

I like to experiment with materials, seeing what is possible, often with different media than one would expect on fabric. My favorite at the moment is using water-soluble media (pencils and crayons) on raw canvas.  I use a layered, back and forth combination of machine stitching and painting.  Embellishing as needed with commercial fabrics and applique.   Most of my work is figure based.  I work mostly from live models (I participate in a weekly mixed media figure drawing workshop) and also from photographs.  I tell stories with my figures, letting the viewer fill in the details, often capturing every day moments.


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 Malibu Beach Portrait of Eltony  Geisha 

Malibu Beach
29"w x 32"h, 2011

Portrait of Eltony
24"w x 38"h, 2011

24"w x 60"h, 2012