Featured Artist - July 2012  Gay E. Lasher

Denver, CO  USA

Gay Lasher   
As an artist I have always been concerned with the ideas of transformation and mystery, the boundaries between reality and illusion.  I am intrigued by the potential that even pedestrian images or subjects have for being reborn in a completely new and different way. I am inspired and excited by the tremendous alteration of image that can be achieved by computer manipulation and by the surprises that happen during the process.

In my current work I transform ordinary personal photographs into abstract images using features of Adobe Photoshop. Small areas are then greatly enlarged to produce the final image.  The abstractions are concerned with formal elements such as color, shape, line and the texture provided by stitch.

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 Abstraction IV The Crossing   Net Work  
Abstraction IV
2010, 46"Hx33"W

The Crossing
2011, 43"H x 44"W

Net Work
2011 49"H x 45"W