Featured Artist - May 2012  Geneviève Attinger

Pontivy, FRANCE
Geneviève Attinger

Creating wall-hangings, making fiberart is the medium of my expression since 1989, but this story began very unconsciously at the age of dolls and disguises. I am interested in the use of fabric and threads as art media.

This work is a mixture between expression and form using fabrics-handling and motion-machine drawing; I work very freely with my sewing machine using it as a pencil; the use of colour is important when drawing with threads, but the handling of fabrics to create my quilts is essential, it is a very sensual work. Bending, folding textiles, pulling threads, provide tactile sensations and approach the sculpture.

Years after years (that needs time to progress), I made more and more figurative
quilts, because they express subtle emotions, rather than abstract quilts do.
My works are my "words", they translate the stories I want to tell, my thoughts and my feelings; I very often explore themes concerning women and mothers.

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 La déesse du Chocolat Tentation  S'il Suffisait du Vent 
La déesse du Chocolat
(2011): h 21" x w 20"
(2010): h 51" x w  48"
S'il Suffisait du Vent
(2009): h 40" x w 48