Featured Artist - February 2012  Carolyn Vehslage

Erial, New JerseyCarolyn Vehslage

The Archaeology of the Mind series is symbolic of my life and my interests. The viewer has to look carefully between the layers and the obscuring of the quilting to discern what the images are. The imagery is diverse and layered as life experiences are laid one upon another. As the images are built up on the cloth, changes occur to how the shapes relate to one another. A single image that may represent a moment in time is mutated by the images that are layered upon it. As life goes on, the past affects the present which influences thoughts of the future. There is an evolution in thinking and a change in what becomes more important over time.

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Artwork by Carolyn Vehslage
Artwork by Carolyn Vehslage
Artwork by Carolyn Vehslage

Archaeology 17: Black Sheath
Archaeology 18: White Sheath

Both 84”h x12”w, © 2010

Archaeology of the Mind 24: Brain Waves  
33”h x 17” w, © 2010
Archaeology of the Mind 25: Brain Scans  
31”h x 38” w, © 2010