Featured Artist - January 2012  Linda Witte Henke

Indianapolis, IndianaPortrait of the artist Linda Witte Henke


I am drawn to the fiber medium by its tactile nature, nuanced palette, and endless versatility. I especially enjoy creating work that begins with a blank surface that I bring to life by introducing layers of dye, paint, paper, foil, stitch, and embellishment.

Vacillating on a continuum between abstract and representational, my work often gives voice to sacred texts and theological themes.  I am especially fascinated by the capacities of color and imagery to evoke mystery and invite reflection.  My most recent fascination is with the creation of three-dimensional figurative sculptures.  

My work is displayed in juried solo, group, and invitational exhibitions in Europe, Asia, and North America, where my work also resides in corporate, parish, and private collections.  I maintain an active commission schedule, primarily for textile projects purposed for liturgical use.  

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 Artwork by Linda Witte Henke Artwork by Linda Witte Henke
Artwork by Linda Witte Henke
Psalm 30: Joy in the Morning  
20" x 30", © 2011
Cross Road
36" x 36", © 2011

22" x 66" x 10", © 2011