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Artists open the windows of their souls to create works that are deeply personal. SAQA exhibitions reveal our artists' visions to hundreds of thousands of visitors around the world.

Your financial support ensures that exhibitions share the power and beauty of our art quilt medium. And now is a critical time because a window has opened in the art world.

More and more museums are requesting SAQA exhibitions.

To grasp this new opportunity, SAQA has organized six new exhibitions in 2019, more than ever before. These exhibitions will join our existing ones to total 15 themed exhibitions available to tour.

We need your help to offset the costs of these new exhibitions and get more art quilts out into the global community.

Will you help us open this window of opportunity and help support our mission to promote art quilts? 

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If donating by check, please make checks payable to SAQA and send to P.O. Box 141, Hebron, CT 06248.   

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Helen Blumen and Jan Acton
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