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Our SAQA Visionaries - Ivy Jensen

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Inspired by Materials in my studio

Until I started making real efforts at creating original work, I thought I had no creativity.  Slowly, as I focused on a particular design challenge, ideas came to me from somewhere I did not recognize.  Delighted with this new discovery, I continued to delve into more techniques and found the same thing happening. 

I'm inspired by the materials in my studio. Silk and cotton fabric, paper, acrylic rods, and embroidery threads line my shelves. Even materials like Tyvek, rubber band, and hair pins inspire me to do crazy things.

My huge collection of books and magazines gives me new ideas to experiment with and sometimes leads me to new work. Right before I begin a new project, I often scan lots of my favorite artist's images. Combining their energy with mine gets me past the starting point. The artists' energy seemed to jump off the page, spark with mine and deliver ever more new inspirations. 

The totality of SAQA inspires me to give as much as I can to help it flourish. I find that SAQA is one of the best run organizations in my artistic sphere. The absolute drive for the best in quilt art, the great energy of the staff and volunteers, the many challenging exhibitions and conferences all come together in a united atmosphere of quality that carries me along in its path. Along with supporting my favorite charities, I give to SAQA to encourage other artists to pursue their passion.

I feel sorry for people who do not have something in their lives as important as fiber art and quilting are in mine. The gifts of purpose, community and creativity have to be healthy assets for each one of us.

Ivy Jensen
Spring, Texas

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