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art quilt quarterly

AQQ coversArt Quilt Quarterly is a full-color publication available at bookstores across the US and Canada and mailed to subscribers. Complimentary copies are also sent to museums, libraries, arts organizations, and galleries.

Published four times a year, each issue is filled with beautiful artwork and informative articles for collectors, art venues, museums, professional artists and art enthusiasts.

In each issue:


SAQA Journal

SAQA Journal coverThe SAQA Journal is published 4 times per year and sent to over 3300 members around the world. Digital versions are also available in our online archives.

SAQA’s international membership is made up of art professionals who are highly invested in creating, collecting and appreciating art quilts. They are seasoned and experienced in the fiber arts. They come from a variety of backgrounds with current positions as artists, curators, collectors, teachers and museum staff.

SAQA members save their issues of the SAQA Journal and refer to them frequently, year after year.





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