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Making a gift to SAQA is a small, simple step towards keeping our community vibrant and thriving. It is also an investment in the art quilt movement.

The SAQA community is always here to meet you where you are and nourish your creative spirit. Please won't you make a gift today in support of the many resources, personal connections, and opportunities SAQA offers.

Your generosity will immediately impact our creative community of art quilters by supporting:

By donating, you are having the largest impact possible on increasing recognition for art quilts and the artists who make them.  Thank you for your support!

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If donating by check, please make checks payable to SAQA and send to P.O. Box 141, Hebron, CT 06248.


Thank you to the following supporters who recently donated to our year-end campaign

Joanne Alberda
Patricia Bagdon
Diana Bailey
Astrid Hilger Bennett
Vicki Bohnhoff
Eliza Brewster
Carla Corbin
John J. Davies, III
Giny Dixon
Katherine M Dossman
Nancy Erickson
Karen Ernst
Noelle Evans
Connie Fahrion
Joyce Ferrie
Jayne Gaskins
Lynn Glesne
Valerie S. Goodwin
Anne Hammond
Rita Daley Hannafin
Jackie Heupel
Sue Holdaway-Heys
Susan Jackan
Donna Leigh Jackins
Ralph James
Maren Johnston
Elaine Jones

  Paulette Landers
Carol Larson
Andrea Luliak
Ruth E. Manny
Karen Markley
Margaret McGrath
Carol Chelette Miller
Pamela Morris
Nancy Neal
Martha Ressler
June Robertson
Judith Roderick
Saralee Schneck
Carol Sebastian-Neely
Sandy Shaposky
Leeanne Shilo
Martha Sielman
Mary Ruth Smith
Andra Stanton
Tiziana Tateo Raveri
Judith Trager
Mary Vinovskis
Patricia L. Walters
Lisa Walton
Enid Gjelten Weichselbaum
Lynn Welsch