Sometimes the line is fine, a subtle but vital addition. Sometimes a thicker line makes a fine quilt out of its boldness and definition. Othertimes the works walk the fine line between quilt and sculpture. All of them draw an inspirational line for us to follow.


Helen L Conway, Guest Curator

List of selected artists and works, linked to statement and/or detail image provided by the artist

Black Water 2
Judy Hooworth

Branch Office
Mary Beth Bellah

Jo-Ann Golenia

Chronos Pods
Kevan Lunney

Judith Mundwiler

Jill Rumoshosky Werner

Faded Memories V
Wendy Lugg

Forever Yours
Susan Else

In The Shop
Susan Mathews

Leaf Fragments, var. 1
Barbara Schneider

Night Drawing No. 2
Jayne Willoughby

Process of Disappearing
Yael David-Cohen

Riverside Settlement
Valerie S. Goodwin

Something About Fire
Trisha Hassler

Texture Experiment 14
Dan Olfe

The Love Song
Tove Piraja

The Minimalist
Linda Colsh

The Night Road
Alicia Merrett

Top of Head
Karen Rips

Whitewash 3
Jette Clover

List of selected artists and works