Guest Curator - Gay Young

Vibrant colors welcome summer, full of energy and warmth!

List of selected artists and works

The Body Electric
Nancy Bardach

Wild Fire
Lisa Jenni

Tuning Fork #11
Heather Pregger

Priscilla Stultz

Laura Jaszkowski

Spontaneous Combustion
Helena Scheffer

Sunny Disposition
Diane Melms

Red Earth
Joke Buursma

Sharon Collins

Redefinitions V: Urban Africa
Dena Dale Crain

Sheree Rasmussen

Brother Sun
Jill Jensen

Global MeltDown
Christi Beckmann

Linda Abrams

Madeleine Appell

Reaching Up
Liz Berg

The Body Electric

Nancy Bardach
The Body Electric

Images of indigo-dyed spinal columns, x-rays of knees, splashes of light and color, "The Body Electric" is a departure for me, utilizing photographic transfers of my own knees. Arranged in bar-like stripes, it alludes to graceful, bony structures. Indigo resist-dyed fabric from Africa also references skeletal patterns reminiscent of backbones.

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