Guest Curator : Shruti Dandekar 

Making portraits is one of my favorite forms of quilting. Watching people create them in so many diverse techniques, inspires me! I would love to share this inspiration with everyone through this gallery.

List of selected artists and works

Birthday Boy
Valerie Wilson

Are You Real
Joan Sowada

The Woman at the Well
Cherrie Hampton

Shin-hee Chin

La Tyrannie des Clones
Genevieve Attinger

Romancing Red
Michelle Jackson

Virginia Greaves

Dorte Jensen

Sandy Curran

Jayne Gaskins

Panning for Gold
Lea McComas

Masked Self Portrait
Kate Themel

The Picture is Only Half the Story
Kris Sazaki of Pixeladies

Jennifer Day

Power Suited Him
Cyndi Souder

In His Shadow
Kathleen McCabe


Shin-hee Chin

Chinmoku: Silence was inspired by the novel with the eponymous title by Endo Shusaku. Chinmoku deals with the struggles of a Jesuit monk in Japan during Kakure Kirishitan (hidden Christian), a time of active discrimination against Christians. The novel questions how far one should go in defending one’s faith, and explores one man’s pursuit of a God who - despite his silence - is always present through adversity. In Chinmoku: Silence, I wanted to replicate this quality of questing. The image is rendered in grayscale in order to represent not only silence, but also the myriad shades of gray in between black and white. Only a sheer curtain separates the girl (who is indoors) from the outside world, symbolizing disconnect between reality and the inner mind. While faith is often perceived as purely black and white, the reality is that life presents a variety of confusing gray areas. For those who continue to pursue, this can be a disillusioning experience. I appropriated ji-seung, the Korean craft of making thread from rice paper, and combined it with my own method of fabric tube-making by stitching them together.

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