Dancing to a Different Drummer

Guest Curator - Melinda Rushing

Motion is a key concept in design. By combining elements that make the eye move over the work, an artist can convey motion. I find that if a quilt has motion, it holds my attention. That motion might range from slow and contemplative to frenetic and desperate, or somewhere in between.  I hope my selections do the same for you.

List of selected artists and works

Tuning Fork #25: Magnetic Attraction
Heather Pregger

Chasing a Dream
Susan Else

Got to go Dance
Deborah Kuster

Play of Lines XXIX
Uta Lenk

Avant Jazz
Jennifer Conrad

Fresh Salsa
Diane Melms

Marcia DeCamp

Grand Canyon - Wish You Were Hair
Pam RuBert

Cosmic Collisions
Katie Pasquini Masopust

Les Folies Bergère
Rose Rushbrooke

Fault Line
Kris Sazaki of Pixeladies

Strands of IF
Hilary Rice

Medea Escaping
Marilyn Belford

Katie Pasquini Masopust

Fascinatin' Rhythm
Susan McCraw

Spirals of Thoughts
Hsin-Chen Lin

Live Water
Susan Leslie Lumsden

Tuning Fork #25: Magnetic Attraction

Heather Pregger
Tuning Fork #25: Magnetic Attraction

As children, years ago, my brother and I were given a small bottle of magnetized metal shavings. The shavings had positive and negative ends, or poles, and we loved to pour them carefully on the table, stir them around, and watch as they attracted and repelled one another. In this quilt, the two clumps of shavings are being pulled inexorably toward one other.

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