Abstract Color

Guest Curator - Cheryl Fitzgerald

I have always been captivated by works that make me stop, take a closer look, and think, what is it? Or, a work that is nonrepresentational, yet I know exactly what the artist is saying. I also love the exploration of color, whether bold, using multiple colors, one flowing into the next, or the masterful use of more subtle muted colors.

List of selected artists and works

Sherri Lipman McCauley

Wild Fire
Lisa Jenni

Time of Day: Happy Hour
Pat Pauly

The Stage Is Set
Marian Zielinski

String Theory
Heather Pregger

No Turn On Red
Gay Lasher

The wall
Misik Kim

Fresh Salsa
Diane Melms

Marcia DeCamp

Mapping Earth
Alicia Merrett

Tangled Watercolors
Katie Pasquini Masopust

Before the Freeway
Carole Harris

Cosmos #4
Shoko Hatano

Underwater Reflection
Janet Kurjan

Earth Quilt #112: Lines XXII
Meiny Vermaas-van der Heide

No Turn On Red

Gay Lasher
No Turn On Red

This new series, inspired by traffic turmoil, continues my use of computer-altered photographic elements, printed on cotton and machine quilted. Due to an enormous explosion of construction in my city, negotiating traffic has become a real everyday challenge. Using traffic signs as titles, strong colors and chaotic abstract images, I express my frustration with this aspect of contemporary life.

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