Gathering Leaves

Guest Curator- Cheryl Christian

There is something about leaves that draws artists to capture them in paint and fabric. Perhaps it's the riot of color on an autumn day in New England. Line that expresses dynamism and flow. Varying textures to be explored and savored. Shapes that intrigue and resonate. Leaves work powerful magic; they can lead us into the forest, encourage us to look up in wonder, or provide the backdrop for a chair that invites us to sit awhile and contemplate their fleeting beauty and the fragility of life.

List of selected artists and works

Leaf Arabesque
Nancy Whittington

Ellen Lindner

Fall Away detail
Jacque Davis

The Forest
Hsin-Chen Lin

Summer to Fall
Jo-Ann Golenia

A Kousa for Mercy
Nancy G. Cook

Olive Orchard
Betty Ford

Forest Walk
Pat Durbin

Flowing Ferns
Margie Davidson

Terry Kramzar

Leaf Arabesque

Nancy Whittington
Leaf Arabesque
For me the pictorial space is a place to connect the naturalistic with the symbolic. Typically I use only one or two motifs, plus the spaces in between, to create what I like to call “patterned narratives.” Their stories are told not in words, but in the language of symmetry. In this work, a familiar nature shape repeats itself in a pattern of growth. A simple change in symmetry (6th vertical row from the left) yields an unexpected, vivid flowering.

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