Limited Palette

Guest Curator - Shea Wilkinson

The pieces that jumped out at me were the quilts with the most limited color palettes. There is an attraction to the complexity that arises from a basis of simplicity. Each piece, with its own subtle variations in hue, draw the viewer to peer into them as if time has become suspended. 

List of selected artists and works

Nocturnus III

Hands Off
Maggie Vanderweit

Urban Flight
Deborah Melton Anderson

Damning the Molongolo
Alison Muir

Diptych Blue Ghosts
Joanne Alberda

Quilt Drawing 15
Daphne Taylor

Karen Rips

Do the Doodle
Paula Kovarik

pieds de verre
Linda Colsh

The Brightest Moon
Jacque Davis

Stain Integration
Eleanor A. McCain

Blackbirds at Her Feet #1 and #2
Cheryl Dineen Ferrin

Solar Storm (diptych)
Regina Benson

Damning the Molongolo

Alison Muir
Damning the Molongolo
Past Aboriginals living in the area now known as The Australian Capital Territory, Australia are thought to be the Ngan Girra and to have spoken in the Ngunnawal language. Aboriginal tenure on land is custodial and is based on respecting and maintaining the elements of the land and its spirituality for both the current and the future inhabitants. In contrast Western tenure allows alteration of the environment to meet the immediate desires of the current inhabitants. Thus the riverbed and flood plain that evolved slowly to become what we call the Molonglo have been dammed to form a lake and an aesthetic backdrop for Canberra. The Waterway is a metaphor for the two cultures passing in this landscape

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