You've Got Personality

Guest Curator- Cheryl Christian

The eyes have it. These animals rivet our attention, charm us, and speak to us in ways that no no one else can. What do they say to you?

List of selected artists and works

Fawn Surprise
Sara Sharp

Barb Forrister

Moon Shadow
Barb Forrister

Call of the Wild
Barb Forrister

Jewel Box Beetle
Sue Holdaway-Heys

Goats in the Spotlight
Phyllis Cullen

Moment in the Blue-Eyed Grass
Kim LaPolla

Virginia Greaves

Not Another Step Closer
Melani Brewer

Midnight in the Garden of Cat and Iris
Judith Roderick

Prince Charming
Mary McBride

Backyard Quail Pair
Sherry Kleinman

Snow Buddies
Ruth Powers

Birds of Beebe Woods
Salley Mavor

Ravens Three
Terry Kramzar

Not Another Step Closer

Melani Brewer
Not Another Step Closer
This piece was created from a photograph I a walk of a burrowing owl in the park near my house. This is a juvenile. They stand about ten-twelve inches high when adults. They stomp their feet and head bob if you get to close to their nests. They burrow under ground creating tunnels with an entrance and an exit. Burrowing owls are endangered and their nesting areas are protected.

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