Sunlight and Shadow

Guest Curator - Sarah Entsminger

Skillful use of sunlight and shadow defines the shapes or forms needed to create a pleasing composition. Direction, intensity, value and color of light or shadow all play a role in illustrating the story. Sunlight and shadow also call to memories or emotions in our mind’s eye that are reflected in our understanding of the image being viewed.

The pieces of work in this gallery all use sunlight and shadow to shape our appreciation and understanding. These images make me want to linger a little longer with each piece and imagine the story being illustrated. I hope you enjoy spending time in the sunlight and shadow as you view each image in this gallery.

List of selected artists and works

A Land Anew
Melody Randol

Land of Giants
Betty Hahn

Funeral in the Rain
Kathleen McCabe

Old Maples
Tracey Lawko

Melani Brewer

Where To Now
Laurie Swim

Ti Plants A-Glow-Glow
Ellen Lindner

White Winged Dove of Peace
Barbara Barrick McKie

Magic View
Elisabeth Nacenta de la Croix

Port of Cassis
Lenore Crawford

Curtain Call 2
Elaine Quehl

Forest Walk
Pat Durbin

Donau Delta
Grietje Van der Veen


Melani Brewer
Moths are beautiful creatures of the night. Here the Polyphemus moth has just emerged from its pupae and is drying its wings on a log.

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