Guest Curator - Maggie Vanderweit

Blue has always been my favourite coulour. It is the sky, the water, the wind, the air we breathe. It feels like peace and softness and home. My favourite clothes are blue, I create with blue and many walls in our home are painted blue. See how these beautiful pieces of art make you feel!

List of selected artists and works

Lake Reflections
Melody Money

Denise A. Currier

Compaction & Drift
Shea Wilkinson

Berg #1
Kathleen Probst

Oklahoma Windsong
Cherrie Hampton

Anxiety No 9 / Mastectomy
Judy Kirpich

The wall
Misik Kim

Reverberations: Yellowstone Waters
Charlotte Ziebarth

Blue Park
Marialuisa Sponga Archi

Façade VI
Deidre Adams

Composition IX
Deidre Adams

The Elements - Wind
Desiree Vaughn

Dragonfly Moon Kimono
Cathy Erickson

Trout in the Sun
Jill Ault

Reverberations:  Yellowstone Waters

Charlotte Ziebarth
Reverberations: Yellowstone Waters
This quilt was created from a series of photographs taken at Yellowstone’s geyser basins. The distorted reflections, ripples, patterns of light and floating elements create a mesmerizing world. The repetition of stitched lines, the patterning of grids and block arrangements, the resulting bas-relief effects of stitched, layered, quilted silk cloth allow me to tell a multi-layered story of my impressions of the experience of gazing into that world.

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