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Guest curator -V. Susan Johnson  

I thought of postcards as I searched through the gallery images. Whether they represent real or imagined places, these quilts invite me to go in search of new views--or perhaps new points of view. I chose them for the emotions I think their creators may have experienced as they brought them to life, emotions I equate with traveling to new places. And of course, all travels include thankfulness for a safe arrival home.

List of selected artists and works

Laura Jaszkowski

DAMSS ( Daniela Arnoldi & Marco Sarzi-Sartori)

Glacier Bay
Diane Melms

Garden in Blue-Frosr
Denise Linet

Adobe Mosque II
Joke Buursma

Camden Town
Heather Dubreuil

Seaside Town
Alicia Merrett

The Forest
Hsin-Chen Lin

Rivers Edge
Judy Simmons

Redefinitions V: Urban Africa
Dena Dale Crain

Aspen Grove
Patty Hawkins

Alberta Rockies #2
Patti Morris

Forest Walk
Pat Durbin

Mountain Chapel
Annette Kennedy

Gwen Mayer

Verdant Mesa
Regina Benson

Adobe Mosque II

Joke Buursma
Adobe Mosque II
The peculiar shapes of the mud buildings in Mali are a source of inspiration for me. This work is an impression of an adobe mosque. The whole piece is covered by embroidered sort of squares to reflect all the wooden sticks used for maintaining the buildings.

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