Guest Curator - Birgitta Debenham 

The individual voice of an artist is unique, and not like any other artist's. Some state what they want you to see and understand with clarity and emphasis, while others invite you to linger and contemplate a more subtle message. Exploring these contrasts provides a rich source of inspiration and enjoyment.

List of selected artists and works

Alike But Not the Same II
Peggy Brown

Drainage Basin
Dianne Firth

The Stage Is Set
Marian Zielinski

Mi Casa Tiene Wireless
Miki Rodriguez

Katriina Flensburg

Old Dog, New Tricks
Maggie Vanderweit

Diptych Poem for Wood and Stone
Joanne Alberda

Itajime Surprise
Norma Schlager

Betty Busby

Handed Down
Susan Lenz

Ancient Textiles: Cochineal
Judith Trager

Strength in Numbers
Susan McCraw

Eingefangene Geheimnisse/ Captured Secrets
Judith Mundwiler

Verdant Mesa
Regina Benson

Handed Down

Susan Lenz
Handed Down
Handed Down was created using 100% repurposed materials including more than a dozen vintage pairs of gloves, a paisley wool scarf and a card table sized cutwork tablecloth. It is completely hand stitched with the names of family members going back nine generations. The work pays homage to the tradition of handwork, stories, legends and legacies passed from older women to younger women.

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