Tactile Perception

One of the core reasons I enjoy working with fiber as an art form is due to its tactile qualities. This selection of work shows how an artist can unlock the sense of touch even from a visual standpoint. 


 Pauline Barrett, Guest Curator




List of selected artists and works

DAMSS ( Daniela Arnoldi & Marco Sarzi-Sartori)

Woven Landscapes
Karen Reese Tunnell

Jim Hay

Hairy Woodpecker
Melani Brewer

Family Ties
Lyric Kinard

Clouds from Indoors
Marialuisa Sponga Archi

Cherry Blossom 10
Chiaki Dosho

Knit Swirls
Michele Leavitt

Silk Explosion
Carol Ann Waugh

les 4 elements
Elizabeth Michellod-Dutheil

Jan Rickman

Elm Bark with Lichen 2
Martha Cole

Birds of Beebe Woods
Salley Mavor

Judith Mundwiler

Morning Wetlands
Trisha Hassler

les 4 elements

Elizabeth Michellod-Dutheil
les 4 elements
My inspiration comes from mother Nature, which provides the materials necessary for my creations, whether in raw form (twigs, bark, mushrooms), or transformed (fibers, fabrics...). I also recycle whatever arouses my curiosity and then incorporate in my work.

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