Photo to fabric

Guest Curator - Priscilla Stultz

With a digital camera, photos are easy to acquire.  They can be printed on paper or saved digitally. But, to use the photo and create a piece of fiber art takes time. Enjoy these extraordinary pieces  

List of selected artists and works

Ten of Cups
Lesley Riley

Romancing Red
Michelle Jackson

Old Maples
Tracey Lawko

Spring Thaw
Tracey Lawko

Dorte Jensen

who will carry on?

Looking Back
Kate Themel

Jayne Gaskins

Urban Flight
Deborah Melton Anderson

Panning for Gold
Lea McComas

Pure Joy
Lora Rocke

Melani Brewer

One Man's Dream
Linda Anderson

New Day
Laurie Swim

Blessings Underfoot
Ellen Lindner

Clothed in Color
Sarah Ann Smith

Eye to Eye
Barbara Barrick McKie

Skirt! Is a Rebel
Susan Lenz

Friendship Sloop
Michele Leavitt

Universal Language: Dreams
Lura Schwarz Smith

The Long Run
Linda Colsh

Capturing Brittany
Lenore Crawford

Le Poet Laval I
Lenore Crawford

Enter My Sanctuary
Lenore Crawford

Far Rockaway Beach
Sherry Kleinman

The Picture is Only Half the Story
Deb Cashatt of Pixeladies

Le Mal Etre
Elizabeth Michellod-Dutheil

The Grand Guard
Linda Anderson

Mary Pal

Mossy Cup Oak Querus Macrocarpa
Nancy G. Cook

Power Suited Him
Cyndi Souder

Reaching (#2 Roots Series)
Doria A. Goocher

In His Shadow
Kathleen McCabe

Proud Heritage
Patt Blair

Fiddler on the Couch
Susan Schrott

Mountain Chapel
Annette Kennedy

The Basket Maker
Alice Beasley

Red Tug
Ellen Piccolo

Monterey At Dusk
Melinda Bula

Far Rockaway Beach

Sherry Kleinman
Far Rockaway Beach

History often is a repeat of what has come before, what is old becomes new, creating a circle in the lines of life. A new generation breathes new life into an older style. The Mod style of the 1960's (my youth) now finds a new life with hipsters and artist types that flock to run down places like Far Rockaway in Queens, New York. Figure painted on canvas with water-soluble media from artist model. Machine and hand stitching. Traveling with SAQA People and Portraits Exhibit, premiering at IQF, Houston, 2013.

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