Ellen Lindner

Melbourne, FL



Artist Information for Ellen Lindner

Living in Florida, I’m surrounded by inspiration.  Vivid colors, dark shadows, and strong contrasts are abundant in the tropical vegetation all around me.  It’s thrilling for me to capture this drama in my fabric collages!

My materials include anything I can sew through: paper, plastic, window screening, beads, and a wide variety of fabrics.  I borrow techniques from traditional quilt making, but in a very updated and freeform collage style. 

A self-taught artist, I didn’t realize I could create art until I was in my forties.  How exhilarating!  Reading, observing, and trial and error were my teachers, as I explored this new arena.  Today, I continue to play and experiment, finding these to be vital components of my artistic adventures.

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Crotons40"h x 60"w   The bright colors of Croton leaves always attract my attention.


Crisscross30"h x 40"w   The crisscrossed spikes of palm fronds create interesting patterns.

Blessings Underfoot

Blessings Underfoot24"h x 36" w   We overlook many blessings each day. Some of them are just underfoot. A commission for Nemours Childrens Hospital, Orlando, FL.


Ripening33"h x 51"w   It’s December in Florida, and the berries of a Christmas Palm are responding to the warmth of the sun. The branches mature at different rates, slowly changing into the colors that give this palm its name.

Ti Plants A-Glow-Glow

Ti Plants A-Glow-Glow24"h x 36"w   Strong sunlight has washed out some of these leaves, while making others glow like colored glass.