Nelda Warkentin

PO Box 334
Phillips, ME
04966 US


Artist Information for Nelda Warkentin

For many years, the environment of western Maine has strongly influenced my work. Old, tall trees swaying in the wind fascinate. The woods offer indelible imagery. My work has evolved from being representational to more abstract. However, rhythm and pattern continue to be a consistent theme.

Working in sections is another ongoing element. The straight lines created where the sections join represent the architectural line—man’s impact on Nature. Juxtaposing Nature’s sinuous, curving imagery with that which is rigid and firm is my ‘signature’ style.

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Summer's Song

Summer's Song14" x 42"  

Bella Rosa

Bella Rosa16" X 40"  

Birch Crossing

Birch Crossing45" x 36"  

Acadia Suite

Acadia Suite42" X 42"  

October Morning

October Morning40" x 30"