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My 30+ years as a commercial illustrator, letterer and quilter has culminated in my technique I call "Material Matrix", based on inspiration from the painter Chuck Close. Using a gridded photo and my eye, I interpret each square into a 2" square of fabric, sometimes intensely pieced. My favorite and most challenging images are portraits. I free-motion quilt on a long arm machine, which is what I've been doing all these years but with a different tool. When viewed up close, each square, chosen from hundreds of fabrics, sits next to its neighbors independently, but also in tandem.

Because of the way each quilt is constructed I don’t know exactly how it will look until it is finished, but I have always achieved a likeness by being faithful to the photo. It is this feature of my technique that I find most rewarding.

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Self Portrait

Self Portrait80" by 80"   Photo by Gary Pierazzi

This is the first quilt where I created my technique Material Matrix. It contains 1,600 2-inch squares, some intensely pieced. It is free-motion quilted on my long-arm, with words stitched into the background about me, making it truly a self portrait.

Matteo and the Amaryllis

Matteo and the Amaryllis54" by 39"  

A quilt made from a photo of my son Matteo.


Winston37" by 51"   Photo by Jenipher Lagana

The photo of Winston was a perfect image for this technique.

Matteo 2014

Matteo 201448" by 51"   Photo by Gary Pierazzi

The photo used to create this quilt provided a wonderful opportunity to work in black and white and values of grey.

Chuck Close One

Chuck Close One60" x 70"    Photo by Gianfranco Gorgoni

My homage to Chuck Close, who inspired my technique. I made 2 of these quilts at the same time, one for me to keep, and the other went to Chuck Close himself, via Mr. Gorgoni.