Lenore Crawford

2023 Ashman Street
Midland, MI
48640-5464 US



Artist Information for Lenore Crawford

Using fabric as my art medium over the past few years has allowed me to take my work to a new level. I am able to achieve dramatic color, texture, and warmth in scenes created from photos I have taken. Once my fiber art is designed I use a tiny amount of fabric paint to add fine detail and shading producing more depth. Creating places to dream about and escape to in fiber is my passion.

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Emma in the Looking Glass

Emma in the Looking Glass39" H X 53" W  

My friends` granddaughter was looking into my mom`s lily pond when I took this picture. Using my raw edged fusing technique I recreated this scene using dozens of different fabrics and a little fabric paint to add detail and shading. I love to use fabric with its texture and warmth to create moments in life.

Capturing Brittany

Capturing Brittany49"H X 53"W   Architecture in northern France is different than other places there. The dark stone buildings have a rustic look and well suited for Northcott Stonehenge printed fabrics.

Enter My Sanctuary

Enter My Sanctuary42"H X 56"W   I love the old architecture in France. This is the entrance to the priest's house in a village there. Each leaf was created individually and I found the perfect fabric to create the hydrangeas with.

Le Poet Laval I

Le Poet Laval I43"H X 34"W   This is another French architectural design using many Northcott Stonehenge fabrics. My raw edge fusing technique is perfect for creating detailed architecture.

Port of Cassis

Port of Cassis48"H x 53"w   The villages of France have great beauty and color. This small port on the Mediterranean Sea was glowing at dusk with the colorful buildings and reflections in the water.