Artist Information for Maggie Dillon

My work reawakens a calm moment that is simultaneously ordinary and meaningful. I choose images that have photojournalistic qualities and celebrate natural, honest situations. Piecing different shades and textures together, the fabric creates an open-ended story, encouraging the viewer to imagine the subjects as if they were characters in a book.

I primarily work in the decades ranging from 1930’s to 1950’s based on candid moments – a girl’s day at the lake, a picnic in a poppy field, reading a bible in the wee hours of the morning. There is something humbler about those eras. People were less aware of the camera. Vintage images seem purer, even elegant in their simplicity. Because of this, I work in a nostalgic, subdued palette like old film.

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N'awlins Heritage

N'awlins Heritage62" x 68"  

Summer of 1937

Summer of 193739" x 49"  

Poppy Picnic

Poppy Picnic42" x 59"  

A Woman and Her Dog, Harlem 1943

A Woman and Her Dog, Harlem 194315" x 15"  

On The Edge Of Darkness

On The Edge Of Darkness66" x 48"