Teresa Shippy

1001 S.E. Skyline Drive
Santa Ana, CA2
92705 US



Artist Information for Teresa Shippy

I make art that comes out of memory, yet integrates realism and whimsy.  More than 30 years ago I began capturing everyday memories through the vehicles of our past.  I remember the classic automobiles, the trucks and trailers of my childhood and adolescence, including the ice cream truck, the VW bus, and vintage Airstream trailers.

My technique layers a variety of fabrics onto canvas cloth that is enhanced with heavy threadwork to build texture and provide definition.

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1937 Ice Cream Truck

1937 Ice Cream Truck14"w x 14"h  

1950  Airstream

1950 Airstream20"w X 22"h  

1957 Edsel

1957 Edsel20"w X 15"h  

1960 Airstream

1960 Airstream20"w X 13"h  

1960 VW Bus

1960 VW Bus29"w X 15"h