Rose Rushbrooke

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Portland, OR
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Both science and art present us with views of the world that provide us with powerful insights, valuable information, and new knowledge.
Nelson Goodman


Fractals are mathematical self-repeating patterns which describe nature and infinity. They were brought to the attention of the general public by the late mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot. These quirky formulae are acknowledged as an interesting and odd subset of modern geometry.

As an artist it is fascinating to create these models on the computer and find art and narrative in geometry.

The profoundly attractive colours and shapes of fractal imagery captivate me. Over the years I have discovered meaning in these iterated equations. I believe ultimately many universal questions will be answered through application of this geometry.

The ability of human beings to make sense out of chaos is an endless source of fascination. Curiosity pushes me to explore why I am so drawn to these images. Why do they attract others? Are we hard wired to see fractals? And if so, why and what are they telling us?


My work follows the basic principles of quilt making: batting sandwiched between backing and a pieced and/or appliquéd top, the three layers quilted together.

Working with printed cotton I incorporate my own hand dyed fabrics, shibori, cotton and silks. Other manmade and natural fabrics are included such as polyesters, velvets, silks and linens.

Wholecloth pieces are created by printing fractal imagery onto silk or cotton. The edges are frayed and the piece is stitched onto a painted cotton covered stretched canvas.

Piecing is done with fine cotton or cotton covered polyester; appliqué with fine silk thread, quilting with cotton, rayon, and a variety of hand dyed cottons and silks; embroidery with silk ribbons, silk and cotton thread and other novelty threads; embellishments with what suits the final piece. All the work is done by hand using needlework tools and a domestic sewing machine. Being in immediate contact with the materials adds to the pleasure of creation.

I add a further layer of interest and construct beadwork to emphasise the lines and shapes of the fractal images. These pieces are hybrid art quilts.

Separate wearable jewelry is also designed inspired by the quilts.

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Woman30"h x 20"w (on canvas)  

Subterranean Spiral

Subterranean Spiral8" w x 10" h  

Les Folies Bergère

Les Folies Bergère47" x 46"   This piece was begun several years before it was finished. It is entirely hand pieced, hand embellished and quilted. The centrepiece is made from furrowed hand dyed silk stitched down with glass beads and perle cotton. An intensely feminine and voluptuous piece. Everything is curved, including the edge. The colouring is soft and pastel - the centre is fluttery and frilly, reminiscent of the image Edouard Manet painted of Suzon at the Folies Bergère in Paris. The centrepiece is echoed by little scattered tufts of thread, like inappropriate bursts of hair on the body. Techniques used in this piece: curved pieces are seamed together by hand; hand dyed silk fabric is furrowed by stitching down with glass beads and floss; the little tufts are created with tied embroidery floss; the piece is quilted entirely by hand.


Lydia22" square   Not much is written about Lydia so the following is assumption. She was probably wealthy as she sold purple dye and cloth. Purple cloth was valuable and expensive and was usually worn as a sign of nobility or royalty. She was born in Thyatira in the ancient kingdom of Lydia. I connected with her on a very basic level - she was a businesswoman trading in dyed fabrics.

Skating on Thin Ice

Skating on Thin Ice23" square   A meteorite has broken through the earth's atmosphere and landed on a lake of ice. The heat of the molten rock melts the ice causing ripples of water to spread out around the glowing center. Techniques used in this piece: curved pieces are seamed together by hand; the dark blue fabric and the meteorite are appliquéd onto the background; the dark red fabric has been outlined with variegated embroidery floss; the centrepiece is created with gathered, printed velvet; the piece is quilted entirely by hand.