Susan Lenz

2123 Park Street
Columbia, SC
29201 US


Artist Information for Susan Lenz

Generally using needle and thread for self-expression, Susan Lenz works to articulate the accumulated memory inherent in discarded things.  She seeks a partnership with her materials, their purposes, values, and familiar associations. Memory, universal mortality, and personal legacy are central themes.  Vintage and recycled materials are combined with meticulous handwork.  Susan is drawn to textiles for their tactile qualities and often makes work that is meant to touch and be touched.

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Handed Down

Handed Down47" x 44"   Handed Down was created using 100% repurposed materials including more than a dozen vintage pairs of gloves, a paisley wool scarf and a card table sized cutwork tablecloth. It is completely hand stitched with the names of family members going back nine generations. The work pays homage to the tradition of handwork, stories, legends and legacies passed from older women to younger women.

Lift and Tuck

Lift and Tuck44" x 20"   Whether viewed as a distance memory, an ageless quest for a youthful shape, or a continuing attempt to ward off physical signs of advancing years, this intimate work strikes a chord in the melody of feminine life.

Skirt! Is a Rebel

Skirt! Is a Rebel27" x 19"  

My Bluegrass Roots

My Bluegrass Roots45 1/2" x 35"  

When thinking of bluegrass music, lost love is a recurring theme. The image for this art quilt came from my 93-year-old Grandmother's photo album. The photo was taken around 1924 in West Virginia, the land of bluegrass and the location from which my mother's family comes. It depicts Grandma's first cousin and a girl who was in love with him. He had been with love before; she died; he never married. This is "My Bluegrass Roots".

The Virgin of Gone and Forgotten

The Virgin of Gone and Forgotten36" x 31"  

"Gone But Not Forgotten" is a traditional epitaph but one frequently found on the most neglected graves. This quilted image transfer with hundreds found, ordinary objects represents my adopted patron saint, a Virgin looking after so many that hoped to be remembered.