Marianne R. Williamson

Miami, FL


Artist Information for Marianne R. Williamson

My work has a theme. Light and movement at different times of year. Light and movement of water and it's transparency challenge me. it is an endless theme. There are so many examples to work with. I could work my whole life and not exhauste this theme.

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Perpertual Motion

Perpertual Motion44" x 47"   Photo by Gregory Case

Light and motion sparkle in the tidal pool. Little fish dart around, making bubbles as they break the surface. It is a world of perpetual motion.

Kissed by the Sun

Kissed by the Sun42" x 49"   Photo by Gregory Case

This is part of a series of leaves and tree branches.
The light from above as it touches the edge of the leaves interests me. The shapes of the branches and the negative space ia challenging. 

Mountian Stream

Mountian Stream44" x 43"   Photo by Gregory Case

This piece has been chosen to travel with H2Oh! It is a great honor to be included in a SAQA show.

Swaying in the Breeze

Swaying in the Breeze46" x 51"   Photo by Gregory Case


Summer is the time for laziness. Flowers sway in the breeze, the air is hot, it is mostly a quiet time.

Look Up

Look Up64" x 48 "   Photo by Gregory Case

Leaves are turning, bare branches are now visible.

When one looks up,the changes are visible. Seasons change, but it is a beautiful time of year when the air is crisp and getting cold.