Marianne R. Williamson

12805 SW 108th Ave.
Miami, FL
33176-5403 US


Artist Information for Marianne R. Williamson

My goal is to bring life to my work with movement and light.
Texture adds so much to textiles. I meld painting with quilting to make my fabric art.

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Fall is in the Air

Fall is in the Air53 high x 38 wide   Photo by Gregory Case Photography

When fall is in the air, the days are crisp and cold. The leaves are changing and herald in the end of summer. Fall is a good time of year. Children are going back to school, and there are many celebrations coming. The harvest is in, pumpkins are in the markets, and apples are red, gold, and yellow.

Below the Surface

Below the Surface40 high x 61 wide   Photo by Gregory Case Photography

Transparency, the layers that one sees when looking down inspire me. The feeling of giving depth to a flat piece intrigues me. I want the viewer to think that he or she is seeing different layers.

The Pond

The Pond46 high x 85 wide   Photo by Gregory Case Photography

At dusk, water lilies shine bright on a dark pond. The reflections shimmer in the light. It is a magical scene in slow motion.


Summertime36 high x 34 wide   Photo by Gregory Case Photography

Summer is a happy time. The flowers are all blooming, and the weather is wonderful. Children can play outside and be free.

Crashing Waves

Crashing Waves36 high x 41 wide   Photo by Gregory Case Photography

The sound of crashing waves is very powerful. The spray is flying, the water is surging and the noise is deafening. It has a powerful message to the fact that humans are temporary.