Patricia Anderson Turner

1830 Banana Street
Charlotte Harbor, FL US



Artist Information for Patricia Anderson Turner

My art addresses issues of social, cultural, and political gravity. Utilizing familiar and iconic imagery, often of conflict and pain, and placing these images within backgrounds that are exuberant and colorful creates tension between the seriousness of the subject matter and the cheery playfulness of the presentation. My goal is to disrupt complacency, encourage dialogue, and even provoke the viewer to examine issues that affect us all. The act of creating helps to release my frustration over these difficult ailments of our age.

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Florida's Flooded Future

Florida's Flooded Future30 x 24 x 1 5/8  

By mid century, Florida barrier islands will be awash and abandoned; low lying coastal and Everglades areas will flood on a regular basis. We will lose our freshwater resources, our infrastructure will begin to fail, and catastrophic storm surges will increase. The fractured Greenland ice sheet melt will accelerate exponentially. By the end of the century, large swaths of Florida will be uninhabitable. Are we ready?

Refugees Risking the Seas

Refugees Risking the Seas30 x 40 x 7   

Syrian refugees, having braved the Aegean Sea, abandon their life jackets in the shallows. Life jackets serve as a metaphor for the lives they are shedding. These refugees desperately hope to be welcomed into an adopted country to find a better, safer future for themselves and their families. The global community's response is mixed.

Day At The Beach

Day At The Beach15 x 30 x 1 5/8  

"Day At The Beach" is a plea for all of us in this country to accept war torn refugees; it is a plea to reject hatred, bigotry and fear. I stitched 340 words into this small piece, see www.patriciaturnerart.com A portion reads: Why do we do not rise with One United Voice of Protest when a major political figure publicly states that we should not only ban refugees but, gee, let's go ahead and ban ALL Muslims...all billion plus of them...because, wow, you never know when someone fleeing death and famine and torture might show up at your doorstep with an AK 47.

Assault on Orlando installation

Assault on Orlando installation12 feet x 54" x 91"  

US citizen and homegrown terrorist Omar Mateen legally purchased a Sig Sauer assault rifle on June 4, 2016, at a Florida gun shop. The next day he bought a Glock 17 and 4 days later magazines and ammunition, all at the same gun shop. Early Sunday, June 12, Mateen relentlessly fired round after round at the Pulse Nightclub, killing 49 innocents. In September of 2004 congress allowed a 10-year federal ban on assault weapons to expire. Since then, assault rifles have been used in 14 public mass shootings to include twenty 6 and 7 year old children at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Humpty Trumpty

Humpty Trumpty33 x 27  

Humpty Trumpty wanted a Wall

...and he wanted our neighbors to pay for it all

He thinks we're dumb asses

'cause we pay our taxes

His opinion of women is Neanderthal

Will November bring his curtain call?