Mary Pal

39 Queen's Quay E
Toronto, ON
M5E 0A5 CA


Artist Information for Mary Pal

Cheesecloth for me represents the very essence of textiles – the most minimal configuration of thread’s warp and weft. I am fascinated by the suppleness of its delicate fibers and the effects of their placement on a contrasting ground. Its fluidity permits me to control both opacity - to translate the effect of light, and transparency - by splaying the fibers to convey shadows. I am thus able to manipulate a two-dimensional representation of a subject that nonetheless reflects a unique depth and texture. And further, I am free to explore the connection between process and materials and the way that they relate to my subject matter, in this case, the texture and vulnerability of the human face.
Our faces reveal the secret truths about who we are; we can control our passing expressions, but the lines on a face – one that has truly lived - are there for all to read. The scars and the lines divulge a glimpse of our hidden stories.

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Corrosion39" x 32"   Photo by Ray Pilon

Like steel left to rust and corrode, this homeless man is a rebuke to the society that elects to carelessly cast him aside. We ignore those living in poverty at our peril. Reference photo by Edmondo Senatore, Italy.


Leonard27" x 37"   Photo by Ray Pilon

Poet, singer, songwriter, no image of this treasured Canadian writer is complete without reminders of his lyrics. From a reference photo by Chris Woods.

Precious Time

Precious Time11/30/2013   Photo by Vale Mining Co.

Despite its connotation as a luxury item, we seldom consider how silver is obtained - through the arduous, dangerous work of mining ... especially back in 1907.


Trusting24" x 20"   Photo by Ray Pilon

Based on a photo by Csaba Zoller. 


Equus24" x 18"   Photo by Ray Pilon

Reference photo by Margaret Bednar.