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The texture of cloth and stitch are irresistible to me and I revel in the images that result from combining them.   The tactile quality of all fabric draws me – the coarse texture of burlap, the smooth weave of linen, the rough fluidity of cheesecloth.  They can be coaxed into my interpretation of a hillside vista or the contours of a weathered face - I seek to persuade viewers that there is greater beauty in those facial lines and creases that develop  over the course of a life fully lived than in the most flawless complexion.

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Unspoken25 x 37 inches   Photo by Ray Pilon

Inspired by a photo of a homeless man by New York photographer Leland Bobbe.


JBW24 x 18 inches   Photo by Ray Pilon

This portrait of my grandfather, John Benjamin Windross, a proud Manxman, reflects much about him – even in his 90s, always impeccably dressed in a three-piece suit complete with pocket watch, and never without his pipe or a twinkle in his eye.  He entertained us grandkids with ditties, jokes and riddles, and an endless supply of jellybeans.

Inspired by a photograph by John Beamish, cheesecloth was sculpted with pH-neutral PVA adhesive and machine-stitched to buckram.

Photo Credit: Ray Pilon

Precious Time

Precious Time11/30/2013   Photo by Vale Mining Co.

Despite its connotation as a luxury item, we seldom consider how silver is obtained - through the arduous, dangerous work of mining ... especially back in 1907.


Trusting24 x 24 inches   Photo by Based on photo by Csaba Zoller


Equus24 x 18 inches   Photo by Ray Pilon